Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Let's just say that life gets very busy and forget the small things like blogging. Was able to spend some good time with family for a couple of weeks. One of the things we did was camp. Camping is rejuvenating. Should camp a lot more. A very nice vacation to remember what is important. 
Bear lake is beautiful. Very relaxing. 

My cousin was a bit scared the first night we were camping. We heard groundhogs the first night. She was scared but it was funny what she was saying. "The bears are going to eat us." Later she said "The bears are squeaking at us." It was what we kept talking about afterworths. She did see a groundhog later and realized they won't eat us. A relief to her. Fun weekend.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Keys

Its been a busy time and we just had a wonderful weekend! We went to the keys and relaxed, fished and I actually caught some things!! It was awesome! We love going to the keys and the lifestyle down there is very calm and relaxing. It is very nice! It has been a wonderful week and look forward to starting another week of work.. not really the work job, but I am now teaching 19 students and I LOVE teaching the students. It is nice to relax from time to time! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will try to remember to put pictures up here another time. We also set up our Christmas tree and that was fun too! We have a train to go around the tree also.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Steve speared this fish and a barracuda came up behind it and ate it!! This is what it looked like! This is when we were snorkeling. There is a picture of me, while we went to this river and tried fishing a little bit and of the water in the keys SO clear!!

I just noticed that the last time I wrote was for Valentines day of last year?!? How am I ever going to catch up everyone with what i am doing now? Well, we had a wonderful spring, and then our summer was even better! Steve and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going to a SAK which is a comedy club in town we just love and it is CLEAN kids can go and it is a wonderful family atmosphere. We also enjoyed just being together during the summer. Fourth of July we went to the Keys, we LOVE going to the keys we had a wonderful time with his friends who live down there which is free stay for us and we were able to kayak and that was free too, it was fun! We also went out on his friends BIG boat and went snorkeling! My first time ever!! Quite scary when you could see nurse sharks below you but way awesome!

After the summer.. Steve and I experience a little set back. The Arena is done for the magic stadium and the next job he could go to was either in Ocalla which is a good 100 miles from our home or Jacksonville which would be a good 2 hour or so drive from our house. So he could either take a lay-off or work one of these jobs. He is going to be working in Ocala which will be a harder drive for both of us to let him do but we will be alright. A little set back but workable.

Tinae has 2 jobs. Still working Pest Control which happened starting June of this year, a secretary. I now also have 20 students who are taking clarinet or piano from me.

It is General Conference weekend and looking forward to hearing from the speakers. Sorry for not catching you up earlier, at home we have TERRIBLE internet connection so I try to catch up when I come to the in-laws on everthing. There is the blurb real quick. Some pictures attached.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial weekend as such

It is now Memorial weekend. It has been a wonderful weekend and rained almost every weekend which is wonderful :) I have enjoyed having the time with family. We are having a wonderful time and getting caught up on all types of things. Steve and I spent the weekend with his parents. They live in the Villages, a retirement section of Florida and about 70 miles away, not too far away.

I love having the mother and father in law I have. We have a wonderufl time and they are easy to love and so willing to love me. We got together with his sister and her husband and 2 kids. They are all so cute! Our niece, Elisabeth, she got real excited for icecream that she got into her booster and was walking around with it on her bum. It was really cute :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial weekend.
Thanks for all my catching up and your patience. I will try to do better. I do not have internet and can catch up when I have a chance to get an internet. So we are doing wonderful over here, look forward to this summer. Steve is working very hard. I have 9 students right now and working hard with the kids I have. I love teaching and also teach in Primary as the music leader. Steve is the E. quorum secretary and keeping busy with that and work, also taking a class this summer in our community college near by. We are grateful for all of our blessings and thanks for taking this trip with us. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and are very grateful for all who read this. If you haven't read for awhile I hope you will read.

Garden and Yard

Okay so wonder what I am doing at home. I have a dog and teach piano and clarinet. Well we have this HUGE yard and have a beautiful garden out back to take care of. Also the pots on the front porch have herbs in them, a strawberry plant and other things that wanted to try growing also. these are pictures of some flowers too and they are so pretty in our front yard, also the grass is growing which you can see a difference from the ugly brown in February.


My sister has been on a mission for the last 18months! She came home May 14, 2010. She served in the philippines, it was great to see her in the airport and her get super excited and start speaking in Tagolog, I am grateful for her example of going on a mission she is an example to the siblings in our family! I am glad she had a chance to serve the Lord for 18 months! She had a wonderful time. My favorite thing she said about out there is this: "The people have nothing and are so happy." What a wonderful thing to hear that, why can't we be more like that in America? Instead we all want more, why?

These are pictures of Shanell on her mission.

Beach Fun in May

Okay so now we are catching this up a little more! Steve and I decided at the beginning of may that we were going to go to the Beach, it was quite a random idea but the best we did that week :) We had a wonderful time at the beach, only about an hour there but it was worth it, a wonderful place to relax. I didn't take my camera to the beach itself with us, but did get some pictures on the way there and back.